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NY Police: Officers That Turned Their Backs On Mayor Should Be Fired
Monday, January 5, 2015 | Subject: NY Police | Category: articles

The ambush style assignation of two New York City police officers was a tragedy by all measures. It was perpetrated by an angry, possibly deranged individual. His intent was a "revenge" killing for the recent deaths of African American men like him by the police. As much of heinous, senseless crime as this was, NY Mayor Bill De Blasio is not responsible. To somehow insinuate he inspired the killing is at minimum an asinine estimation.

Offended police officers point out that Mayor De Blasio was too sympathetic to protestors. More so, they are angered De Blasio agreed with the majority of people not visually impaired that Eric Garner was choked to death for no good cause by a NY police officer and vowed police reform. Also let's not forget that Mayor De Blasio is married to an African American woman and has bi-racial children, this fact is by no means ignored by the offended boys in blue with their backs turned.

This speaks to the root of the issue. The police officers with their backs turned ARE the bad apples. They identified themselves on national TV and they should be fired - immediately. Instead of “Protect and Serve” these "animals" treat citizens like animals. They have a “them vs. us” attitude. This is why they abuse citizens that look different than them. Secondly, their actions are plain insubordination. The Mayor commands the police force. Would you be fired if you disrespected your boss on National TV by turning your back while he spoke? Most chances you would. The scary part is no one even mentions ANY discipline. What we have here are the inmates running the prison. They made a statement that we will do whatever we want and even the mayor isn’t going to do anything about it. This is how and why they murder people and get away with it. The DA and justice system is on their side. They are upset THIS MAYOR is not part of the curropt "Good Ol Boy" network.

This is exactly why people are protesting all over the country. Fire them and hire people that will truly “Protect and Serve” and respect the lives of citizens. The police are servants of the people and work for us all. Not the other way around.

What they did is an insult to law and justice and everyone should be offended not just the Mayor.

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