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Led Zepplin: Stairway To Not Heaven
Monday, January 13, 2014 | Subject: Led Zepplin | Category: Music

Led Zeppelin is a an English rock band gaining great popularity in the 1970's. Their song Stairway to Heaven is among the most popular and influential works in rock music.

Jimmy Page the groups guitarist and most well known member was an extreme occultist. He was an avid follower of Aleister Crowley (pictured above), the biggest occultist in modern history, the self described “Great Beast”. He is quoted as saying “I feel Aleister Crowley is a misunderstood genius of the 20th century”

Jimmy was so into Crowley he purchased his home the Boleskine House (pictured above) to perform satanic rituals described in Crowley's literature.

The appearance of four symbols on the jacket of Led Zeppelin's album above are occult symbols each one representing one the groups four members.
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