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Blac Chyna- Is She Reneging on the Faustian Contract?
Illuminati Puppet

Wednesday, March 29, 2023 | Subject: Blac Chyna | Category: Music | Author: Editor

A Faustian Bargain- a pact whereby a person trades something of supreme moral or spiritual importance, such as personal values or the soul, for some worldly or material benefit, such as knowledge [...]


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Ice Spice: Another Cog in the Raunch Rap Agenda

Subject: Ice Spice | Category: Music | Author: Editor


Illuminati Puppet

2023 Grammy Awards: The Mass Ritual

Subject: 2023 Grammy Awards | Category: Music | Author: Editor

All concerts are rituals. An award show is a collection of performances by various artists that essentially is a concert. It has been wel [...]

Illuminati Puppet

Nick Cannon: The Illuminati Humilation Ritual

Subject: Nick Cannon | Category: TVMovie | Author: Editor

Nick Cannon began his entertainment career as a teenager and by the age of 40 had become a very successful television presenter, actor, co [...]

Illuminati Puppet

Migos Rapper Takeoff : Murder or Sacrifice?

Subject: Migos Rapper Takeoff | Category: Music | Author: Editor
Rapper Takeoff 1/3 of the group Migos (far right) was murdered on Nov 2022 in another apparent unfortunate case of senseless violence in the hip hop c [...]

Illuminati Puppet

Young Dolph: Another Illuminati Puppet Tragedy

Subject: Young Dolph | Category: Music | Author: Editor


Illuminati Puppet

Willow Smith: Pushing The Free Sex Agenda

Subject: Willow Smith | Category: TVMovie | Author: Editor

Illuminati Puppet

Lil Nas X : Nike Satan Shoes

Subject: Lil Nas X | Category: Music | Author: Editor
Sugar pockets rapper Lil Nas X is a shoe in for Illuminati Puppet of the year 2021 and its only March! Fresh off his Montero video where he gives a lap dance to [...]

Illuminati Puppet

Megan Thee Stallion: Claims She's NOT Illuminati But..

Subject: Megan Thee Stallion | Category: Music | Author: Editor
Degenerate Rapper Megan Thee Stallion has been dodging and denying Illuminati affiliation since her breakthrough. There was talk she sacrificed her mother [...]

Illuminati Puppet

Al B. Sure: Insinuates Kim Porter Death Was an Illuminati Sacrifice

Subject: Al B. Sure | Category: Music | Author: Editor


Illuminati Puppet

Machine Gun Kelly: Rise of Satanic Rappers

Subject: Machine Gun Kelly | Category: Music | Author: Editor
Ohio rapper Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) is one of many current popular artist that have gone full blown satanic in their music and imagery. His current release [...]

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