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Lana Del Rey: "I slept with lots of guys in the music industry"
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 | Subject: Lana Del Rey | Category: Music

Singer Lana Del Rey who made headlines when she stated she wanted to be part of the '27 Club' and wanted to die again has made some controversial statements. In an recent interview with Complex Magazine she states that she has slept with "lots of guys in the music industry".

While this may be a surprise to some, actually the only thing surprising is that she admits this. In the Illuminati controlled entertainment industry you have to make yourself available for sex to everyone, every step of your career any time it's requested. This applies to all female artists and men as well.

Unfortunately and sadly Del Ray seems to already be in a bad place. In the Complex article she bemoans how all the bed-time activities have not furthered her career enough. This is just months after wishing she were dead. Lets hope she finds her way (away from the industry) before the title of her 2nd CD "Born to Die"comes to reality.
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