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Chateaux Des Amerois The Mother of Darkness Castle Belgium : Illuminati Pedophile Castle In Belgium
Saturday, August 30, 2014 | Subject: Chateaux Des Amerois The Mother of Darkness Castle Belgium | Category: articles

The Chateaux Des Amerois aka The Mother of Darkness Castle is a castle in Belgium was built in 1877. It was mentioned in the book Bloodlines of The Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier as a place where ritual murders, pedophilia and things Illuminati / occult practitioners like to do take place. 

As with most things no one knows for sure but one thing for sure is very odd: The castle is blacked out on Google maps (see above). Also all photos have been removed for the web, all that remains are cached (saved) images. This only fuels the conspiracy fire.

If you ever escape a sacrifice and have more details please comment below. But seriously the place looks very creepy. 

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