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Police Officers: Low Wage Illuminati Puppets
Wednesday, March 4, 2020 | Subject: Police Officers | Category: articles

The Illuminati is all-encompassing and law enforcement is no exception. All avenues are under their control contribute to the overall agenda, it is not haphazard, but very coordinated and deliberate. Low on the totem pole are police officers and they are largely clueless of the agenda. Happy with their above-the-law status they do the bidding of the New World Order agenda for mere crumbs oblivious to the grand scheme. Unlike the well-compensated puppets such as entertainers, business leaders, politicians etc. who actually are aware of the agenda of their employers.

Cards from the 1982 prophetic Illuminati Card Game 

Police officers have a brotherhood, a brotherhood of corruption. It is not protect and serve it is them vs. the population. Them includes the court and judicial system which creates an unchecked corrupt system that gives police officers carte blanche to kill with impunity and incarcerate undesirables. Incarceration contributes to their huge prison business, murder contributes to the depopulation agenda.

“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” - Henry Kissinger

Illuminati honcho and Former Secretary of State / adviser to every president since Nixon, Henry Kissenger makes no bones about of how the Illuminati feel about its peons - soldiers and likewise law enforcement.  

Police officers are chosen for a reason. Similar to those that join the military they generally have low education and come from poorer backgrounds. They often had a troubled childhood, were bullied and are power seekers seeking to compensate for their low self esteem and place in society. This is the demographic. It's hard to conceptualize why anyone would choose a career where you risk your life everyday for $50,000 a year. They do not want smart people being police officers  if you score too high on their pre-employment exam you are redirected to other positions. As with the general population they don't want smart people capable of critical thinking, you are not as easily controlled if you are smart and that is counter productive to their agenda.

This all makes the perfect person for the job, not overly bright and power-hungry. Then then they hand this person a gun - and you have what we see today. This is no mistake, they could easily hire better qualified people - with higher pay and thus better policing. 

Police officers are simply pawns to the agenda, the agenda to depopulate and control society. Non-action is complicity and WILL eventually affect you or someone you love.

Educate yourself to Agenda 21, Committee of 300 and New World Order agenda. 

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