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BET Music Awards 2015: Blatant Illuminati Symbolism
Saturday, July 4, 2015 | Subject: BET Music Awards 2015 | Category: Music

The 2015 BET Music Awards did not disappoint when it comes to Satanic Illuminati symbolism. BET (Black Entertainment Television) of course is owned by Viacom one of the 6 companies that control everything we see, hear and read in the media so it is par for the course. 

BET was sold to Viacom by Robert Johnson who became the very 1st USA African American billionaire because of the sale. Sheila Johnson ex-wife of Robert and co-founder now regrets the sale of BET. Viacom has turned BET into a perpetual outlet of degradation and Illuminati indoctrination similar to VH1.

The awards show one of the networks highest rating programs is an annual display & celebration for Illuminati Puppets in the music industry. The symbolism in the Chris Brown performance is so BLATANTLY obvious they no longer even hide it:

If all of this is new to you please do yourself a favor and read What Is The Illuminati. You will begin to see the world without blinders. 
To go a little deeper visit our sister site: EvilExposed.Org

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