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Jim Carey: New Hollywood Illuminati High Priest
Wednesday, March 4, 2020 | Subject: Jim Carey | Category: TVMovie

Jim Carey has replaced Martin Scorcese as the new Hollywood Illuminati High priest. Being head honcho in the Hollywood underworld carries with a lot of clout. 

Carey appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show in 2013 and clowned around about the secret "Illumin-Nutty" claiming that he Jimmy and all of Hollywood are a part. Cleaver distraction / mocking technique indeed. See the clip below:

Former high priest Martin Scorcese - Doing the "Illumin-Nutty" sign

Jim Carey and his Satanic bosses like to flaunt their evil this method is nothing new. They use satire to hide in plain sight thus discouraging critical analysis of the often obvious facts. 

In a possible Illuminati related story Carey's girlfriend Cathriona White recently committed suicide mysteriously. Strange deaths / murders are routine occurrences in the lives of those in Illuminati circles - everything has a price. Sacrifice is required. 

Indeed what Jim Carey is involved is no laughing matter.
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