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Harvey Weinstein: The Dark Side of Fame and Fortune
Wednesday, March 4, 2020 | Subject: Harvey Weinstein | Category: TVMovie

Everything that glitters is not gold. That statement is truer in entertainment than anywhere else. 

To make it big or at all in Hollywood there are rituals. Everything comes at a cost. And those with the biggest fame have paid the most. The rituals include sex, death and basically doing whatever, whenever you are told.

Harvey Weinstein the giant producer/CEO is one of many predators involved in the Hollywood depravity. None will admit but ALL Hollywood actresses & actors are "initiated" into the fold having to perform sex acts in front of many with multiple men. This is what it takes to be famous. This happens to men as well.

When news of stories like this with Harvey Weinstein come to light it is simply because the accuser has fallen out of favor with the Illuminati elite who control the media. As it has been brought to attention his behaviors has spanned decades and have never come to light, its because he had the protection they all have. This is why victims are afraid to talk as it would be the last words they speak.

Harvey Weinstein is Hollywood. His actions represent what your favorite star has paid to be where they are.

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