Jeffrey Epstein: The Presidential Model Sex Slave Facilitator
Wednesday, July 24, 2019 | Subject: Jeffrey Epstein | Category: Gov

The elite controlled media has successfully under-reported facts of the now infamous Jeffrey Epstein child sex ring, pinning it all on him - as if he alone molests children. This is to be expected as many of the shot callers in media are in his "Black Book" and are customers/controllers/handlers/financiers. One thing Donald Trump is correct about however is that the news is fake. Not just some, it's ALL fake and controlled by the perverse elite. More than ever to get real facts one must rely on alternative media and/or do one's own research.

In the book Transformation America by MK Ultra survivor Cathy O'Brien, she details what is called the Presidential Model. She explains that during her time as a government mind controlled sex slave she was groomed, brainwashed and programmed to be the ultimate sex slave in some sort of a depraved system of abuse levels, she got to the point where she was prostituted out to top level VIP's and presidents in her case Presidents Ford and Clinton. I recommend reading, it's a fascinating book and is even more believable given the uncovering of the Epstein scandal. 

People that groom or train sex slaves like Epstein arrange, recruit and make the depravity happen. This would explain how he has amassed such a great fortune. He essentially is a top level pimp for the elite. His connections span from US Presidents to British Royalty to yes, the Rothschild's surprise! Famed attorney and accused pedophile pal Alan Dershowitz claimed publicly that Lady Rothschild Introduced him to Jeffrey Epstein. Former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta who was forced to resign stated he was told that Epstein was "intelligence" and "to leave it alone" and that "it was above his pay grade" when questioned as to why he essentially let him off with a slap on the wrist by the Trump transition team before his hire. That apparently was a good enough answer and he was hired. 

Epstein also curiously is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission & the Rockefeller Foundation to add their already shady reputations as being organizations of the elite controlled shadow government. Why & what on earth qualified this college dropout pimp to be a member of such esteemed (joke) world controlling organizations? Could it be he provided the um, entertainment? 

As stated if you are relying on the government controlled media outlets to tell on themselves you will remain the dark. As always we encourage you to begin your journey to for the truth to regain your vision. 


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