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2023 Grammy Awards: The Mass Ritual
Thursday, February 9, 2023 | Subject: 2023 Grammy Awards | Category: Music

All concerts are rituals. An award show is a collection of performances by various artists that essentially is a concert. It has been wel established and now days blatantly obvious that the mainstream music industry is Satanically controlled. Where once it was subliminal it is down right offensively in your face.

Each year it seams the envelope is pushed further. It’s hard to imagine what we will see next, perhaps an actual conjuring of an entity on stage, don’t laugh, it could happen at this rate.

The 2023 Grammy Awards was center staged by the Sam Smith performance of his Grammy winning song “unwholly” of all names. It was a duet with transexual Kim Petras who was the youngest person to ever receive a sex change operation at 16 years old, and fist transexual to ever win a Grammy – exciting indeed!

All bases were covered as we had a Satanic ceremony watched / participated by millions of home viewers. Yes, you participated by watching, and the blurring of the gender agenda further pushed to mainstream acceptance. Agendas filled perfectly.

What we are witnessing is the perverse inverse of reality and morality. What is good is bad and whats bad is good. You are bad if you say a man is a man and woman is a woman and not use your pronouns. You are evil and transphobic. All love, sex and gender is good. No gender lines. The mainstreaming a pedophilia is next, we are already seeing this on simmer.

.. and the show was sponsored by Pfizer. 

Evil Exposed.

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