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Blac Chyna: Is She Reneging on the Faustian Contract?
Wednesday, March 29, 2023 | Subject: Blac Chyna | Category: Music

A Faustian Bargain- a pact whereby a person trades something of supreme moral or spiritual importance, such as personal values or the soul, for some worldly or material benefit, such as knowledge, power, or riches.
- Encyclopedia Britannica

It originated from the German legend Faust who agreed to sell his soul to Satan in exchange for magical powers and worldly pleasures. The agreement is made with the borrower being FULLY aware that the bargainer is evil, you cannot be tricked into a Faustian deal. It is a “free will” agreement.

Now no one knows for sure if Blac Chyna did indeed sell her soul via a Faustian deal, but there are many circumstantial indicators that would lead one to that conclusion. For starters, examine her immoral lifestyle, she has done pretty much everything you can do and many would not do for fame including porn and has made tens of millions doing so. She even has the tell tale Monarch Butterfy, MKULTRA Programming tattoo (see above). Secondly, her own mother Tokyo Toni tearfully on video states her daughter sold her soul and is afraid of her as she may be sacrificed in repayment of her deal. See below.

Then there is the tattoo of the demonic entity Baphomet on her thigh she recently has removed. When you tattoo the Goat of Mendes on your body it’s safe to assume you are into some heavy stuff. 

Blac Chyna has been making news because she has seemingly decided to turn over a new leaf. She removed all her body implants, removed the demon tattoo and even got baptized. She is not singular however in these actions. Many entertainers recently have decided to run to God when things go south the evil one (which it always does) or when he comes to collect. Kanye West has Sunday Services and now talks God all the time after admitting he sacrificed his mother. Rapper Sukihana tearfully admitted she made the mistake of selling her soul as well.

But can you renege on a Faustian deal? It would seem all sales would be final- unless maybe you keep your receipt. All jokes aside, it seems to be a thing now to deal up with the Dark Lord, get rich them run to Jesus and repent. Not sure if you can get your soul back, but let’s see how it works out for Chyna. Sukihana took her ratchetness to all new heights shortly after her “repentance”, perhaps realizing all sales were final and decided to go all in on evil. 

Let’s hope the best for Chyna, we all love a good redemption story.

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