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Tila Tequila: Illuminati Money Dispute
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 | Subject: Tila Tequila | Category: TVMovie

Tila Tequila is a Vietnamese porn star turned reality TV personality. In her quest for fame in fortune she did and was willing to do any and everything to make it. She eventually did.

However Miss Tila does not like rules and stepped outside the boundaries of what is expected of a puppet, namely trying to undercut "the man".
Basically Tila signed the Illuminati contract, had a money dispute and wanted out. Now a simple Google search will show she is singing like a bird about the evil Illuminati to all who will listen. This however is the same Illuminati that she was all so happy and eager to join and had no problem working for when the money was flowing.

In the below video she (in a long winded manner) explains how "they" are trying to kill her. 

Tila is definitely an interesting person. She is betting by screaming load enough it will keep her from being silenced (killed). Unfortunately however, they will find a way for her to "slip" on a banana peal eventually. Lesson to be learned, when you deal with bad people bad things happen. 
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