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Jared Leto: Mr. Symbolism
Wednesday, January 22, 2014 | Subject: Jared Leto | Category: TVMovie

Jared Leto is an american actor / musician. He has starred in over 25 films and has produced 4 CD's with his rock band 30 Seconds to Mars. What is very noticeable about Jared though is the amount of Illuminati symbolism he displays. 

Pictured above is a CD cover for his band and a recent GQ Italy cover. In the GQ cover, I think he wins the record for amount of symbolism in one photo. We have the one eye symbolism, pyramid hand gesture AND double pyramid tats showing - go Jared! This guy is trying to get a bonus. He's probably considered a major ass-kisser among his puppet peers. 

Jared is definitely showing what it takes to get ahead.
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