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NFL : The Illuminati Bowl
Tuesday, January 28, 2014 | Subject: NFL | Category: Orgs

OK, I know we all love pro football and the Super Bowl is next week so we hate to be the bearer of bad news. The NFL is and has been Americas #1 sport for the last 30 years, so if you don't want to have your heart broken stop reading now, but if you are a realist continue reading...

It is estimated that the NFL has a yearly revenue of 10 Billion dollars. That figure does not include the billions wagered in legal and non legal sports betting. But for arguments sake, lets just stick to the legal sports betting. As with everything else in the world money makes it go around. A point here or there can literally mean millions in wagering for a single game or even billions for a game like the Super Bowl. 

It would be extremely naive to think that the integrity of the game upstages money to be made. How many places in society do you see integrity upheld over money? The NFL like all major sports leagues, governments and entertainment are controlled by the Illuminati elite who's number one interest is simply greed. Just as the USA invaded Iraq for oil based upon lies and in the process killed millions of innocent Iraqi men, women and children, would you put it past them to fix a simple football game to make a profit?

Example: Tim Donaghy the former NBA referee fired in 2007 for fixing NBA games. He called a foul here or there (or not) and affected game scores and  he got paid hundreds of thousands by bookies by doing so. A noted handicapper Brandon Lang says that an official can affect a games score 75% of the time. In reality the only thing Tim Donaghy did wrong was work independently. Only the big guys are allowed to fix and he was undercutting and messing with their lines, so he had to go!

In addition let us not forget that the NFL in its biggest game the Super Bowl, seems to use the opportunity to show who's really running the show. We have the famous Janet Jackson wardrobe "malfunction" with a pasty - how many women wear a pasty? I think only a stripper or a woman who PLANS on exposing her boob to millions of people would wear a pasty. We also have the Madonna ceremonial ritual as shes dressed as the demonic Baphomet, and most recently Beyonce throwing up the ever present pyramid hand gesture. All this "rehearsed" for half a billion people to see. 

The NFL and Nike have even come with the new NFL glove (above) that when you make a pyramid sign it shows the team logo on the palm -cleaver.

So in conclusion, enjoy your football on Sundays, just don't bet - unless you have an inside connection. 

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