Illuminati Puppet
Wiz Khalifa: Blunted Puppet
Saturday, February 22, 2014 | Subject: Wiz Khalifa | Category: Music

Wiz Khalifa the weed loving rapper from Pittsburgh, PA is yet another music industry puppet. Above Wiz is seen doing the usual one eye symbolism- yawn. Also above is a still frame from his Black and Yellow music video where we see Wiz next to someone with a Satanic pentagram on his shirt - Just of like the one here: While another guy smiles in the camera with a devil horn hand gesture. It is not a coincidence, these are carefully purposefully placed in the video.

His wife Amber Rose appears as well to have signed on, she for some odd reason decided to have a temporary tattoo of an upside down cross placed on her forehead. Yes that's normal.

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