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Several years ago I stumbled upon information that changed the way I saw the world. At first it was very frightening and disappointing. After the initial shock I realized I needed to know more, thus my quest for knowledge began. After becoming versed on who really, really runs the world I knew it was imperative I let people know.

The purpose of Illuminati Puppet is to bring to light individuals and institutions that through their actions appear to be employed or facilitated to accomplish the Illuminati / New World Order Agenda. If you do not know what the Illuminati is read: What is the Illuminati?. I realize that most people do not have the desire to step out side their comfort zone or believe that ignorance is bliss. However if a few eyes are opened mission accomplished.

I strongly suggest that you read the information on this website and continue your independent search for knowledge.

Only the TRUTH can set you free.


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