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Ancient Mystical Religion AKA Practice Of The Occult
Subject: Kabbalah | Category: Religion | Author: Editor
Kabbalah dates back to before the 13th century, it is a pseudo religion based on ancient Jewish Mysticism. Like many of it's sister sects and cults such as the [...]
The God BUSINESS Fraud
Subject: Joel Osteen | Category: Religion | Author: Editor
The works of man define his character not his words. Indeed Joel Osteen says a lot of soothing words. He has millions of followers, a mega church and his s [...]
How Can You be Christian Preacher and a Satanist?
Subject: Jessie Jackson The Freemason | Category: Religion | Author: Editor
Politician, Baptist Minister Jessie Jackson is a Freemason - a Master Mason at that. That is kind of like being a member of Black Lives Matter and KKK at t [...]
The Santeria Connection
Subject: Beyonce | Category: Religion | Author: Editor
Recently singer Beyonce has been paying a lot of homage to Afro-Caribbean spirituality. In her 2016 Grammy performance as well as her acclaimed "Lemonade" [...]

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