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Think The Illuminati Is Not Real?
Subject: George Washington | Category: Gov | Author:
If you are one of the deceived that believe that the Illuminati does not exist and is a myth please read on. In a document that can be found in the [...]
First Puppet Family
Subject: Barack Obama | Category: Gov | Author: Editor
The 1st family is supposed to set the moral standard of the country. They are supposed to represent what is wholesome, moral, correct and all that's good about [...]
Likely Decided The Next President to ZERO Media Coverage
Subject: The Annual Illuminati Meeting Bilderberg 2016 | Category: Gov | Author: Editor


Relax Hes Just a Puppet
Subject: Donald Trump Wins Presidency | Category: Gov | Author: Editor
While some are overjoyed that The Donald won and others are looking for their passports let us keep in perspective who REALLY runs the country and world for tha [...]
The Presidential Model Sex Slave Facilitator
Subject: Jeffrey Epstein | Category: Gov | Author: Editor
The elite controlled media has successfully under-reported facts of the now infamous Jeffrey Epstein child sex ring, pinning it all on him - as if he alone [...]
Appears on Drone Video on Lolita Island August 30th 2019
Subject: Jeffrey Epstein | Category: Gov | Author: Editor
It is highly probable considering the fantastical explanation as to how Epstein committed "suicide" that he is still alive. We are dealing with the elite underw [...]
The Elite Have Pushed The Button
Subject: The Covid19 Riots and Race Connection | Category: Gov | Author: Editor


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