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1943 Movie Occult Forces: Movie Exposes Illuminati Secrets Director and Producer Killed Over it
Monday, October 20, 2014 | Subject: 1943 Movie Occult Forces | Category: TVMovie

The 1943 French movie Occult Forces (Forces Ocultes) exposes the Illuminati and Freemasonry so thoroughly they had the film’s writer imprisoned and the producer and the director executed. Lots of secrets of the Freemasons are exposed here. It is definitely worth a watch. You can watch the FULL movie below:

The fact that they came down so hard on the films creators is very telling. In more recent times director Stanley Kubrick died before the release of Eyes Wide Shut under suspicious circumstances. Eyes Wide Shut exposes the depraved inner world of the elite and they were none too pleased as well.

The depraved behavior of the Illuminati elite is nothing new, in fact its centuries cold. They just prefer to keep it quiet. Most people find it hard to believe that such evil exists, this is exactly what they count on.

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