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Kylie Jenner: Illuminati Role Model Becomes Legal (18) Watch Out
Wednesday, March 4, 2020 | Subject: Kylie Jenner | Category: TVMovie

Kylie Jenner the baby of the Kardashian clan turned 18 years old August 10th, 2015. In her limited years on this planet she has already effected a generation of youth - and not in a good way. From her risque attire & selfies to her obliviously flaunting wealth and riches, she has become a negative role model for girls everywhere.

Unfortunately that was the calm before the storm. She's 18 now, so being legal she is poised to push the morality envelope farther than ever witnessed before. It is no doubt Kylie will make Kim Kardashian look like a nun. Sex tape coming soon!

As we wrote in our article Kardashians: We Found Why They Are Famous! they are here for a reason. 

As you can see puppets are groomed from an early age. 

Kendall Jenner her sister recently Tweeted: "Kylie is tuning 18, I'm afraid". Kylie has now graduated to full puppet status and we should ALL be afraid.
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