Smallville Actress: Illuminati Child Sex Trafficking And The Media Cover Up Ties To Trump
Saturday, April 28, 2018 | Subject: Smallville Actress | Category: articles

No doubt you have heard mainstream media reports about Smallville actress Allison Mack and herself help guru co-defendant Keith Raniere. They have been accused of running a sex cult disguised as a self help program called NXIVM - this is what the media is reporting.

Because the media is in fact controlled by the Illuminati they leave out the meat (truth) of the story and how it's much bigger than a sex cult for Keith Raniere's perverted pleasures. It is inconceivable that over $150 million which (reportedly) came from the trust funds of Seagram heiresses Sara and Clare Bronson were used so that one guy can have sex with women - how stupid do they think we are?

No, this is a high level sex trafficking ring and the money is an "investment. An investment into a sex trafficking BUSINESS. Not only are gullible women sex trafficked as reported but also are children. They are in fact trafficked to Hollywood elites, politicians and celebrities. 

Illuminati Connection? Well the Bronson's are very close to Illuminati kingpin family the Rothschild's. So much so they are even in business together - see Bronson & Rothschild. But you won't see this reported in the media. 

In addition, the Brofman sisters as well as three other NXIVM members of the Illuminati Clinton’s foundation which carries a $15,000 a year membership fee. I wonder if you get to visit Bill Clinton's convicted pedophile BFF Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Island as a member. 

Other notable NXIVM members:

Roger Stone Top Republican operative; Trump adviser

Edgar Bronfman Sr Billionaire businessman and philanthropist; chairman of the Seagram Company

Tom Golisano Paychex billionaire

Sheila Johnson Co-founder of BET

Antonia C Novello Former US Surgeon General

Stephen Cooper Enron CEO in charge of winding down company

Richard Mays Longtime friend of Clintons

Jack Casey Chairman of Rensselaer County Republican Committee

They want some low level actress and con man to take the fall and it will end there. But people are so dumb it will work - as usual.

In the USA alone 2,000 children go missing EVERY DAY. Over 800,000 a year. This is one of the places they go. There are many others. 

Wake up and educate yourself and stop watching TV to inform you.

To go a little deeper visit our sister site: EvilExposed.Org

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