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Gillie and Wallo: Million Dollaz Worth of Shame
Saturday, July 22, 2023 | Subject: Gillie and Wallo | Category: articles

Gillie Da Kid is a 39 year old former rapper from Philadelphia who had moderate success in the 2000’s, while never reaching the heights of fame he was well known in his hometown Philly. His Cousin Wallo is an ex con who was recently released from prison after 20 years for armed robbery. – This is the background.

Fast forward 2023. Gillie and Wallo started a podcast called Million Dollaz Worth of Game where they talk street life, music etc. and using Gillie’s industry connections interview musical celebrities. The podcast took off and they were signed by media conglomerate Barstool Sports to a multimillion-dollar deal in October of 2022.

On July 20th, 2023, Gillies eldest son Devin Spady aka YNG Cheese, a rapper as well, was murdered by a shot in the back in the Olney section of his hometown Philadelphia.

This tragic story however has some eye raising details. First, when I initially saw a video of Gillie and Wallo signing their deal, I was taken back by Gillie’s demeanor. He seemed hesitant to sign the contract and was tearful instead of joyous as if he was in contemplation. It struck me as odd at the time and  is absolutely chilling now. See below.

Faustian Deals have been around since the beginning of time, there is nothing conspiratorial about it. There are literally hundreds of books on the subject, even detailing how to step by step on how to instigate a demonic pact. From the story of Robert Johnson at the Crossroads to Bob Dylan, this is an old bargain.

Wallo posted a video of his new Lamborghini a month before the death of his nephew. He says hard work pays off in the clip.

When someone agrees to a sacrifice a celebration after the sacrifice is part of the ritual. Coincidentally, of course, Gillie Fest is scheduled July 29th  a little over a week after his sons murder, celebrities from all over will fly to Philadelphia to celebrate at Franklin Music Hall. This is all coincidence of course.  

No one knows if Gillie and Wallo did the unspeakable, but circumstance has led to a many convictions, so you be the judge. What we do know for sure is that money is the root of all evil.

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